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Provincial Mental Health & Substance Use Network

The Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use Network is an evidence-informed way to better serve people with complex mental health and substance use issues, through collaboratively identifying issues and ideas, and creating system-level change in B.C.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Network works collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders from healthcare and related sectors, including people with lived and living experience of mental health and substance use issues to:
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Detect issues in the system of care
  • Find potential solutions to these issues
  • Create system-level change in B.C.
The Network is dynamic structure that facilitates and accelerates knowledge translation and exchange (KTE).  As an incubator for new ideas, the Network helps advance innovation with respect to system-level issues to improve access to and quality of care for people with complex needs. The Network also connects various other system-level efforts to create synergy, drive scalability, and optimize impact.

Our Aims   

  • Identify unmet needs and challenges faced by individuals with mental health, substance use, and other complex care needs. 
  • Foster collaboration and participation among diverse stakeholders across sectors, disciplines, regions, and perspectives. 
  • Facilitate KTE through sharing expertise, experiences, and insights to problem solve for innovative solutions that make a difference. 
  • Support implementation of evidence-informed policies and practices that improve access to, and transitions between, services and supports that meet people's needs and preferences.
  • Promote evaluation, continuous learning and improvement to enhance service planning and the delivery of services and supports.

Our Principles

  • Person-centred: Activities are informed by both the expertise of people with lived and living experience, and aligned with provincial priorities.
  • Cultural safety and humility: Respect, value and include the cultural diversity rights, views, and experiences of Indigenous persons in membership and activities, and in the delivery of culturally appropriate health services.
  • Collective decision-making: Share both responsibility and participation in decision-making, communication, determination and advancement of our activities among members.
  • Equitable and diverse engagement: Collaborate, partner, and seek representation from a range of individuals, sectors and regions to ensure diverse perspectives, expertise, and insights. To co-create and co-implement solutions to improve mental health and substance use services for people with complex needs.

Opportunities related to the Network

  • Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use ECHO: a collaborative learning environment for service providers who support people with complex mental health and substance use issues, with interactive case scenario discussion and recommendations.
  • Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use Learning Rounds: Bi-weekly presentations specific to mental health and substance use treatment to supporting staff, service providers, researchers and partners to better understand and address specific issues.
  • Concurrent Disorders Toolkit: Online toolkit for anyone supporting people with mental health or substance use issues, to support self-assessment of skills and knowledge, tailored learning goals for professional development, and courses and resources for learning.

Resources related to the Network

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