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Red Fish Healing Centre: Values and Care Principles

Care at the Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction is based on a number of core values that permeate every element of the care we provide at BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services.

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Core values

How we show up

  • We are genuine and genuinely care
  • We see the best in people
  • We are relentlessly dedicated

What we believe

  • Health is a human right
  • There is no health without mental health
  • Every person is important
  • Recovery is possible
  • Quality care makes a difference

Key care principles

In addition to these core values, our care is informed by these key principles.

We advance knowledge and practice through research, evaluation and continuous quality improvement. We use data and evidence from a range of sources — research, clinical expertise and lived experience — to inform our work, while remaining open to innovation and new ideas. 

Our research arm, the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Research Institute, partners with both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, and is helping us make great strides in research, knowledge translation and the application of research in a clinical setting. 

We know that clients and their families are experts in their own recovery journeys. We focus on the person in our care and seek to meet them where they are — not where we think they should be. This means providing personalized, holistic care to meet the needs, values and preferences of our clients as well as their families and loved ones. 

To help ensure our care is client- and patient-centred, we have engaged meaningfully with people with lived experience, including current and former clients and families, in the planning and co-design of our programs, research and services. 

We work in teams to provide integrated, high-quality care for patients, clients and families. With the patient or client and their loves ones acting as key members of their care team, we collaborate across disciplines to address their needs and support them on their road to wellness. 

We communicate and coordinate with health authorities, community providers, BC Housing, and other partners to ensure seamless transitions and continuity of care for our patients and clients. We share information and collaborate between agencies to streamline care from admission to discharge and through transitions to community-based care.
Nearly all of our patients and clients have experienced trauma, which has an impact on their illness as well as their experience in the health care system. We provide care with sensitivity to the effects of these previous traumas, focusing on healing-centred engagement and ensuring that care will not re-traumatize patients.

We ensure that all people, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, socio-economic status, ethnic origin, migrant experience, religious or spiritual beliefs, and disability, feel respected and safe when they interact with us. We foster a climate where the unique history of Indigenous peoples is recognized and respected in order to provide appropriate care and services in an equitable and safe way, without discrimination. 

We are committed to providing hope, and instilling the belief that recovery is possible and that there is a potential for a better future. Our ultimate goal is to help clients recover so that they can live more satisfying, meaningful lives despite the ongoing challenges they will face. 

Recovery-oriented care emphasizes client participation, choice and engagement in their treatment and recovery planning. We recognize that recovery is a personal, non-linear journey guided by accountability, informed by each client’s wellness goals, the pace they wish to move at, the relationship they have with their illness, the choices they make, and the opportunity they are offered to lead the most satisfying and meaningful life. 

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