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Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a free virtual health skill-building program that helps people 15 and up who are experiencing mild to moderate depression or anxiety. It is available anywhere in British Columbia with a referral.

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Bounce Back and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Bounce Back helps people learn to stop unhelpful thinking, manage worry and anxiety, and become more active and assertive. The approach is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which focuses on changing behaviours and developing personal coping strategies.

CBT is recognized as one of the most effective ways of helping build well-being and resiliency for people who live with anxiety and depression.

What support does Bounce Back offer?

Bounce Back offers three forms of help:

Bounce Back Coaching

Work on CBT-based materials over the phone with a trained coach for free. To get started, you need to book an appointment to see a doctor, nurse practitioner, or school counsellor and ask them to refer you to the program.

Bounce Back Today video series

Instant access to a free video series that introduces the CBT-based materials used in the Coaching and Online program.

Bounce Back Online

Nine online CBT-based modules that you can access without a referral, and work on at your own pace.

Is Bounce Back right for me?

If you are 15 or older and are suffering mild or moderate depression with or without anxiety, you can access Bounce Back telephone coaching free of charge anywhere in British Columbia. You will need a referral from a doctor.

Bounce Back has been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by half. More than 90 per cent of those surveyed say they would recommend it to a friend or family member.

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About our virtual health services

Many of our clients and patients have based significant barriers to accessing the health care they need, including traumatic experiences, unstable housing and stigma. They may also live in a rural geographic location and/or be unable to travel to see a care provider.

Virtual health tools help us reduce health care barriers so that people with mental health or substance use challenges can receive the care and support they need wherever they are in the province, using a medium that works for them.

Mental health and substance use services are different from other types of medical care such as family practice and oncology. While seeing clients and patients one-on-one will always be important, much of our treatment is communication-based rather than hands-on, making BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services especially well-positioned to implement virtual health technologies. Clients and patients in many of our programs regularly see physicians and other care providers using telehealth tools.

We are committed to continuing to work closely with PHSA's Office of Virtual Health to create even more opportunities to improve communication and care delivery, and remove barriers for vulnerable people.

Our program partners

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services provides leadership, expertise, and oversight to a number of specialized provincial programs that are delivered by carefully selected contractors. Bounce Back is operated by the Canadian Mental Health Association and funded by BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services. 

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