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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Survey of School Functioning

The negative impacts of OCD on family and social functioning have been well described. However, less attention has been paid to academic impacts of this disorder.


This study has two objectives: First, to examine responses by parents of OCD-affected youth to an enhanced survey derived from the web-based survey on ‘OCD in the Classroom’. Second, to compare the responses about school functioning collected from the web-based sample to a clinical sample and a community-based sample.

Study procedures

For the current clinical sample, participants will include parents of OCD-affected youth who were assessed through POP and who had previously agreed to be re-contacted for future studies. All participants who have consented to the registry study will be sent an email, which content will describe the objective of the current study and will invite them to participate in the enhanced survey online. Their children will be asked to provide assent for their parents to participate. 

For the community-based sample, an introductory letter will be posted on the OCDbc and Anxietybc websites and  flyers will be distributed to community-based pediatric OCD treatment providers. This letter will describe the current study and inform the potential participants that their survey responses will be anonymous.

This survey has an average of 10 items which depends on how participants answer the questions using REDcap. While most questions were categorical in design, either dichotomous or with a higher number of categories, some questions provide an “other” or "describe" option, followed by a space for a descriptive response. 

Potential benefits

The results from this research are intended to contribute to the development of a program to address OCD in the classroom. The results of this study may be helpful in improving the understanding of how children and adolescents with OCD are affected in the classroom setting. In the future, this may lead to improved strategies for school personnel to improve how they support students with OCD in schools.  

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