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Dr. Robert McMahon

Investigator, BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Research Institute

Primary research areas

  • Child/adolescent conduct problems
  • Parenting
  • Family-based intervention
  • Prevention

About Robert J. McMahon, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.

  • Investigator, BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Research Institute
  • Investigator, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
  • Professor, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University
  • LEEF BC Leadership Chair in Proactive Approaches to Reducing Risk for Violence among Children and Youth

Current research

Dr. Robert McMahon’s research focuses on understanding how conduct problems develop in children and adolescents, their developmental course over time, and how best to prevent and treat these problems, especially in the context of the family. 

Dr. McMahon is a principal investigator with the Fast Track project, a long-term program created to prevent serious behaviour problems in high-risk children. One of his responsibilities was the development and implementation of the family-based components of the Fast Track intervention. These individuals have been followed to age 32.

He is building a new family program that combines training parents with emotion coaching for young children diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and who show low socially acceptable emotions. 

Recent publications

View Dr. Robert McMahon's publications on ORCID

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* Members of the CPPRG (in alphabetical order) are K. L. Bierman, J. D. Coie, D. M. Crowley (from 2014), K. A. Dodge, E. M. Foster (from 2002-06), M. T. Greenberg, J. E. Lochman, R. J. McMahon, and E. E. Pinderhughes (from 1998)

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