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For Researchers

Any research activity that takes place in any BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services (BCMHSUS) program, including Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC), and Children’s & Women’s Mental Health, or that involves a BCMHSUS patient or staff member, whether as participant, collaborator, or investigator, requires submission of a research proposal to the appropriate approval committee. For FPSC, including research at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital or any of the FRSC Regional Clinics, this is the Forensic Research Advisory Committee. For Children’s & Women’s Mental Health (C&W), this is the C&W Research Ethics Board (REB). Such proposals must then be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Committee. The Forensic Research Advisory Committee provides organizational approval to conduct research; however, ethics approval must still be obtained from the appropriate educational institution. At C&W, the C&W REB will provide both organizational approval and the University of British Columbia Ethics Approval. Questions on the process can be directed to info@bcmhari.ca. Links to the required forms and additional information are below.

Research involving Forensic clients, patients, or staff

Complete and submit a BCMHSUS Approval to Conduct Research Form, and an BCMHSUS Research Agreement Form. Applicants must receive a certificate of approval before any research activities can be initiated.

Research involving C+W clients, patients, or staff

Follow the steps outlined on the Child & Family Research Institute website (http://www.cfri.ca/reb/application_process.asp) and complete the appropriate Program & Resource Utilization forms.

All research involving human subjects must meet accepted ethical guidelines, such as those specified in Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. For the purposes of this policy, research is defined as any systematic investigation (including pilot studies, exploratory studies, and course-based assignments) to establish facts, principles or knowledge that may be generalized which involves living human subjects.

For Others

Several resources developed through BCMHSUS supported research are available for download or purchase.
Short Term Assessment of Risk & Treatability (START) 
Toward Flourishing For All: Mental Health Promotion and Mental Health Disorders Prevention 


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