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The Reproductive Mental Health team has participated in and conducted numerous studies in the field of reproductive mental health.

Our current research focus aims to contribute to the knowledge on optimal treatment options for perinatal women’s mental health and increase understanding on the effects of psychotropic medication in the perinatal period.

We also collaborate with the Women's Health Research Institute who are engaged in various projects with the goal of better understanding mental health in the perinatal period. Find out about current research projects and how you can help.

Learn more about our research at Child & Family Research Institute.


Training opportunities for learning more about psychiatric disorders seen in women during pregnancy and the postpartum period are provided to students at all levels and from multiple disciplines including: nursing,  social work, counselors, medicine.

We provide a variety of education and training services across the province. These include:

For more information, please email the Reproductive Mental Health Project Manager at kthomaspeter@cw.bc.ca or call 604-875-2025.

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program offers clinical placements and practicums to residents, medical students, nursing students and counselling students who are interested in learning more about psychiatric disorders seen in women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. These placements also offer experience in the assessment and treatment of patients with psychiatric conditions related to infertility, pregnancy loss and the premenstrual period. Trainees are exposed to different members of our interdisciplinary team including psychiatrists, nurse clinicians, counselors, social workers and dietitians.

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