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Ric Procyshyn

Primary Area of Research:
Brain, Behaviour & Development
Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Degrees / Designations
BSc (Pharm.), MSc, Pharm. D, PhD

Phone: 604-875-2000 ext. 4722
Mailing Address:
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Room A3-111 
950 West 28th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 4H4

Research Areas

  • Antipsychotic polypharmacy

  • Clinical trials

  • Smoking and schizophrenia

About Dr. Procyshyn

My research interests are primarily in the psychopharmacology of schizophrenia. Some of my current projects include:

Antipsychotic polypharmacy in which we are studying prevalence, predictors, indicators and clinical outcomes associated with this relatively common prescribing practice that is not adequately supported by the literature or clinical practice guidelines;

Smoking and schizophrenia where we have and continue to investigate the relationship between tobacco consumption and antipsychotic treatment, self-reported motivations for why individuals with schizophrenia smoke, and predictors of starting to smoke in first episode patients;

The influence of serum lipids on clozapine’s clinical efficacy in which we are exploring possible mechanism(s) that underlie our previous work showing a positive correlation between serum triglycerides and clinical response to clozapine; and the metabolic effects of antipsychotics where we are investigating the acute and chronic effects of the atypical antipsychotics on alterations in glucose and insulin parameters.

Recent publications

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Selected Publications

A comparison of antipsychotic drug-defined daily doses versus chlorpromazine equivalent doses in patients with or without extrapyramidal motor symptoms Barr, A. M., Honer, W. G., Johnson, J. L., Wu, T. K., & Procyshyn, R. M. (2010). .Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 30(6), 741-743. PMID: 21057241

Patient Self-Care: Helping patients make therapeutic choices, (2nd Ed.) Procyshyn, R.M., & Barr, A.M. (2010). Insomnia. In: C. Repchinsky (Ed.). . Ottawa, ON: Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Persistent antipsychotic polypharmacy and excessive dosing in the community psychiatric treatment setting: A review of medication profiles in 435 canadian outpatients. Procyshyn, R. M., Honer, W. G., Wu, T. K., Ko, R. W., McIsaac, S. A., Young, A. H., Johnson, J.L., & Barr, A. M. (2010). The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 71(5), 566-573. PMID: 20361903

Long-acting injectable risperidone in treatment refractory patients: A 14-week open-label pilot study. Procyshyn, R. M., Barr, A. M., Flynn, S., Schenk, C., Ganesan, S., & Honer, W. G. (2010). Schizophrenia Research, 123(2-3), 273-275. PMID: 20688481

Medication errors in psychiatry: A comprehensive review. Procyshyn, R. M., Barr, A. M., Brickell, T., & Honer, W. G. (2010).  CNS Drugs, 24(7), 595-609. PMID: 20356315

Smoking cessation interventions among individuals in methadone maintenance: A brief review. Okoli, C. T., Khara, M., Procyshyn, R. M., Johnson, J. L., Barr, A. M., & Greaves, L. (2010).  Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 38(2), 191-199. PMID: 20015608

Differential effects of alcohol intoxication on S100B levels following traumatic brain injury. Lange, R. T., Brubacher, J. R., Iverson, G. L., Procyshyn, R. M., & Mitrovic, S. (2010). The Journal of Trauma, 68(5), 1065-1071. PMID: 20016383

Gender-specific profiles of tobacco use among non-institutionalized people with serious mental illness. Johnson, J. L., Ratner, P. A., Malchy, L. A., Okoli, C. T., Procyshyn, R. M., Bottorff, J. L., Groening, M., Schultz, A., & Osborne, M. (2010).  BMC Psychiatry, 10, 101. PMID: 2111856

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