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Measuring Our Performance

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and its agencies are accredited by Accreditation Canada, a national, non-profit, independent organization that helps organizations across Canada and internationally examine and improve the quality of service they provide to their patients and clients. The Accreditation Canada program emphasizes health system performance, risk prevention planning, client safety, performance measurement, and governance.

An onsite Accreditation survey took place at Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission on June 26-29, 2011 and another is planned for October 2016.

Surveyors from across Canada toured our facilities, reviewed our processes, and spoke with a variety of individuals. The Accreditation survey assesses our compliance with national standards for quality and safety of patient care.

The Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission received “Exemplary Standing” by Accreditation Canada in 2011. Less than 10 per cent of organizations surveyed received this level of standing.

BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services (BCMHSUS) monitors and reports on a number of utilization and performance metrics. Public reports are available below.

Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (FPSC) Annual Reports

As a Crown agency, FPSC publishes an annual report. To download our annual report for previous fiscal years, use the links below:

FPS Annual Report 2014-2015

FPS Annual Report 2013-2014

FPS Annual Report 2012-2013

FPS Annual Report 2011-2012

FPS Annual Report 2010-2011

FPS Annual Report 2009-2010

FPS Annual Report 2008-2009

FPS Annual Report 2007-2008

FPS Annual Report 2006-2007

The Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission is mandated to work in partnership with BC’s criminal justice system to provide psychiatric treatment and assessment at Forensic Psychiatric Hospital (FPH) to individuals who have been referred by the courts. As a specialized facility, it is the job of staff and physicians at the hospital to treat and rehabilitate people deemed unfit to stand trial or not criminally responsible due to mental illness, with a goal of restoring fitness and/or reintegrating them gradually and safely into the community. Four key metrics related to patient and public safety are regularly updated and shared in a “FPSC Safety Scorecard”. 

To find out more about safety and security at FPH, view the Frequently Asked Questions  

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