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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange (KE) is generally understood as the co-creation of situations, conditions, and ecologies that support a culture of shared learning through knowledge creation, translation, dissemination, uptake, and evaluation.

Knowledge is understood as a process that involves context, connection, interaction and reflection. Data, information and evidence serve as a catalyst for understanding and meaning-making and developing shared meaning. In this context, KE processes support deepening understanding and respect for different types and sources of evidence that inform practice including Indigenous knowledge, practice knowledge, client and family experience, and research knowledge.

At BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services, knowledge exchange supports the development of a KE infrastructure for strengthening the mental health and substance use system of services and supports. KE infrastructure is the tangible, tactile, tools, structures, scaffolding, etc. It is the space to do the work, and the people to move things forward.

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